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RestcommONE USSD Gateway achieves 700+ USSD messages/sec

ussd-gateway-logoRestcommONE USSD Gateway is a robust and carrier proven Gateway built on a modern extensible middleware platform. RestcommONE USSD Gateway provides core features for mobile subscriber to send USSD messages (over GSM network via SIGTRAN or legacy E1 links).

Test Scenario

We recently load tested SNAPSHOT version of upcoming release 6.2.0.GA and achieved stunning performance of 700+ USSD messages/sec on below mentioned hardware specs

  • Intel® Core™ i7-5600U CPU @ 2.60GHz × 4
  • Total RAM – 16 GB, assigned to USSD Gateway – 4GB
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Below diagram explains flow of the test. HTTP Application was deployed in same JBoss Server as Gateway.


Each (TCAP) Dialog had 4 USSD messages exchanged.

MAP Client (packaged with RestcommONE jSS7) was used for generating load (acting as HLR). Client was also started in same machine as Gateway Server.

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Achieved 700+ USSD requests / sec !

Statistics Graphs

Bellow are the statistics graphs captured from USSD Gateway management console

Pull / Push Dialogs Established every 5 seconds


Above diagram shows Pull/Push (TCAP) Dialogs established every 5 seconds.

Cumulative Dialogs established over test period


Test was simulated to do 100K PULL requests to Gateway

Dialogs Per Second


All kinds of USSD Requests every 5 seconds



Above graph shows various requests exchanged in time frame of 5 seconds. In our case each dialog has 2 Process_Unstructured_SS and 2 Unstructured_SS. On an average it will come to 700+ requests / sec.

Wireshark Trace

If you want to see the trace result of the SS7/HTTP traffic, you can access the pcap files HERE. Below is the statistics of MAP messages (in this case USSD requests per sec)




Video Tutorial

If you want to learn more about testing Gateway, please see the video tutorial below

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