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The Building Blocks of CPaaS

CPaaS enables organizations to take advantage of modular communications applications and features to build the experiences customers prefer.

From phone calls, email blasts and texts, to the latest messaging apps and collaboration platforms, customer communication is constantly evolving. With more options than ever, it is important to consider the ways in which customers prefer to experience a brand, or even a particular message. 

Digitally Driven

Whether using simple SMS announcements or AI-powered chatbots, businesses now interact with customers in real-time, creating experiences that are both convenient and compelling.

According to analysts at Forrester, nearly half of consumers are shopping more at online-only retailers and remote work is predicted to triple. In this environment, businesses that made the leap to digital experiences are better positioned to achieve success.

While communications experiences are hardly one size fits all, cost is an important factor for every business. This is why communications platform as a service (CPaaS) has become a game changer for so many organizations. 

In the past, rigid communications systems made adding features a headache, that’s why CPaaS with its flexible and modular format is the best way to deliver an assortment of communications options and experiences that can grow and adapt to business and customer needs. 

Build Any Experience, Brick by Brick

CPaaS allows you to begin with an application like a simple IVR menu and add features and applications to customize a specific experience. With Telestax, the Visual Designer makes it easy to drag and drop different verbs to create a communication flow. 

Here are just a few use common use cases: 

  • Create a survey that accepts voice responses using speech recognition capabilities.
  • Route incoming calls to specific business departments based on select criteria.
  • Send a link via SMS after a voice call with a helpdesk agent for followup questions. 

There’s almost no limit to the types of experiences you can create with your CPaaS-enabled communications provider. 

Digitizing the Customer Journey

Number Masking, Smart 2FA, SMS and voice-based messaging with speech-to-text functionality are all CPaaS applications and features that business customers rely on to create effective digital customer experiences. With the power of CPaaS, communications providers can help deliver these services. 

By choosing Telestax for these solutions (rather than an over-the-top vendor) providers benefit from the bring your own carrier (BYOC) model, retaining traffic on their own network for additional control and service assurance.

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