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The new RestcommONE 7.2.0 is out!


We are proud to announce a new RestcommONE release that brings tons of bug fixes and new features

This time, the release wagon includes the Mobicents RestcommONE, the open source version, along with the RestcommONE RestcommONE and the RestcommONE AMI.

The most exciting news comes from the RestcommONE AMI, this is the out of the box support for DID provision, DID routing and support for TTS. Using the new AMI will allow users to register a new DID in few seconds.

Watch the following 3 minute video to get started quickly with RestcommONE. You will call your own app from a regular phone within minutes.

You can start a new RestcommONE AMI here or you can upgrade your existing instance using:

cd /opt/telestax/restcomm/update

If you don’t wish to go for the RestcommONE AMI but use the binaries for a local installation instead, you will still enjoy many new features and improvements.

The most important new features and bug fixes are:

  • New DID Provision API
  • Visual Designer enhancements for External Services
  • Administrators Interface improvements for UX and security
  • Many bug fixes

Complete changelog for RestcommONE 7.2.0 can be found here

Also, don’t forget to visit the brand new web site at

Download links:

Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you discover a new bug or you have an idea for a new feature, we would like to hear from you. You can even be part of the project by contributing with patches, documentation or tests, check here our github repository

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