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Two Ways to Improve Your Contact Center with CPaaS

Contact centers can adopt CPaaS to quickly deploy automated workflows for their customer base using outbound SMS and IVR.

Contact centers are challenged to effectively communicate with customers via their preferred channels. With the increased popularity of SMS and automated systems, communications platform as a service (CPaaS) solutions can help organizations to better reach users. The following are two of the ways that contact, or call centers can leverage CPaaS.

Send SMS to lists of customers with important alerts for their account.

With the Restcomm Visual Designer (RVD) from Telestax, utilize core variable and custom variables with external applications or web services. Simply hook to any externally exposed web service and create custom variables like $customer_name $customer_balance or other fields using the external API services and use them in your workflows.

For example:

– Hi {{NAME}}, your balance due is {{$85.99}} and service expiration will be {{December 1}}.

– Good afternoon {{NAME}}, your loan is in default by {{2 months}}. Please contact your account manager immediately.

RVD offers a quick and easy way to create voice and messaging applications with little to no programming knowledge. With the status callback, Restcomm will send the POST request once the URL has been executed so you can keep track of progress as it happens in real time.

Send a recording to customers to remind them about bank procedures with IVR.

Using the text-to-speech engine, instead of a pre-recorded message, you can announce the $customer_name variable dynamically for each outbound call.

For example:

– Good evening {{Brian}} please remember your appointment for {{September 20}} at {{7PM}} in the office located at 204 West Seventh Street.

– Hello {{Karen}} your payment for {{August}} has been processed successfully – Thank you.

To achieve this result, access the external web service to retrieve custom values from the external data source as explained in this document.

There are many ways that call centers can save time and money with CPaaS. Communications service providers are also at the forefront of providing expanded services like SMS and IVR to business clients.

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