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Concurrent Numbers Boost Value for Phone Number Masking

With Concurrent Numbers, a feature of Telestax Number Masking, organizations can leverage the same phone number in multiple contexts simultaneously for added cost savings and the optimization of resources.

By now, we are all aware that phone number masking helps a variety of industries to improve communication by providing consumers with more options to interact in a secure manner.

From ride share to dating applications, to remote agents, to a host of marketplace or P2P portals, number masking ensures that parties can interact in a secure and anonymous way. But what about the businesses providing these services? Typically each phone number that appears on the display must be purchased by the organization. In the case of many simultaneous calls, this can add up to a huge pool of numbers to manage.

One way to increase the utility of each number is to choose a number masking solution that allows for concurrent numbers. This means that each purchased phone number can be used in multiple instances simultaneously.

What is the Concurrent Numbers Feature?

The Concurrent Numbers feature allows enterprises to get the most out of purchased phone numbers, while maintaining privacy for their customers. As long as the originating phone numbers are unique, the same masking number may be used for multiple interactions.

For example, in the case of several customer service agents working from home, the recipient’s caller ID display would feature the main switchboard number of the organization, regardless of which agent responded to the request. For ride share, the driver and the rider might see the same number on each of their phone displays.

How It Works

Because the Number Masking application ties each call to its originating number, each time a session is started, the solution connects the two phone numbers in a context. Within a pre-configured period of time, the rider can call the masking number and reach the driver. By the same token, a customer can call back and reach the same agent.

Settings like session or context expiration can be easily adjusted within the application, depending on the use case.

What are some key advantages of the Concurrent Numbers feature?

  1. Cost Savings – When the same masked number can be used in multiple sessions at the same time it reduces the amount of numbers needed. This can easily add up to big savings, especially in international markets where a single number can be up to 5 dollars per month.
  2. Number Usage Efficiency – More numbers to maintain can equal more headaches. With the Concurrent Numbers capability, there are fewer numbers to manage.
  3. Better Number Recognition – Utilizing the same phone numbers for all organizational communication supports familiarity and clear association with the business.

Going Forward

Concurrent Numbers is just one of the Advanced Features of Telestax Number Masking. Learn more about the solution’s many capabilities and use cases by downloading the brochure today.

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