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White Label CPaaS in Minutes with Telestax

With Telestax you can white label Restcomm CPaaS to deliver a live version of your company-branded documentation and a portal with custom styling that matches your brand’s identity.

When it comes to communications platform as a service (CPaaS), developer documentation is a critical component for success in the marketplace. What’s also critical is to keep the CPaaS documentation up to date whenever an API change happens on the back end in order to make sure the developer experience is consistent. 

Manage Developer Documentation

CPaaS developers spend a great deal of time interacting with documentation to implement and customize real-time communication solutions built on top of CPaaS. Providers often fail to  maintain well designed and appealing developer documentation.

The Telestax Restcomm Whitelabel Feature is built by developers for developers. The feature is designed to convert years worth of work for the CSPs to minutes. The feature allows CSPs to keep developer documentation up to date for programmable voice, SMS, and phone numbers as well as to intuitively modify the look and feel of the CPaaS customer-facing portal. 

How it Works

I wanted to take a real-world example and see how fast I can spin up branded CPaaS documentation for TelecomsXChange. It took only minutes to go from no CPaaS to a fully branded CPaaS portal and developer documentation. Here is how it’s done.

  1. Log in to the Restcomm console at https://{yourcompany}
  2. Click on the Profile drop down list located at the top right of the page then click on Settings.
  3. Click on the Your Brand section >> General Settings. 

As shown above, the arrow with number 1 is where you can upload your company logo. This logo will appear in the customer-facing portal. The second arrow is where you upload your Favicon also known as a shortcut icon. This will appear for the user on their browser tab.

The third arrow allows you to change the background image for the Sign in page. You can upload the background image that fits your branding guidelines or keep it as default.

NOTE: Be sure to add your Company Name, Company Website, Product Name, and a link to your Terms and Conditions to populate the developer documentation.

Finally, choose Default documentation and then click on Preview to view your custom-branded documentation portal. 

As you can see above, I was able to create fully branded CPaaS documentation for TelecomsXChange in a few minutes. The API documentation details were automatically converted to match the brand name configured in the Restcomm Whitelabel Feature. 

For the complete guide to the new feature to create a white-labeled CPaaS portal and documentation, visit

Take the Next Step to White Label Your CPaaS

Telestax enables a service provider to go to market with their own CPaaS brand in a matter of days. Restcomm provides a set of white-labeling capabilities such as:

  • Custom User Interface
  • Organization Styling
  • Custom Domain
  • White-Label Documentation

If you are an existing Telestax Restcomm Cloud customer, you can log in to the portal and visit the Settings section to start customizing your CPaaS portal and documentation to match your brand. 

For new customers, contact to learn more or to get a demonstration.

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