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Zain Jordan Partners with Telestax

Leading mobile telecom innovator across the Middle East and North Africa announces strategic partnership with Telestax.

Using Telestax technology, Zain Jordan will now deliver rich application programming interfaces (APIs) for enterprise omnichannel digital transformation to organizations across the country.

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Zain is known for revolutionizing telecommunications in Jordan by introducing GSM mobile services and Fourth Generation services “LTE” for the first time in the kingdom. The communications service provider (CSP) has grown from providing services to individuals to becoming a leader in providing services to enterprise customers. 

Chief Executive Officer, Fahad AlJasem who joined Zain Jordan in July of 2018 with nearly twenty years of multinational telecom experience has helped the organization in its path to growth. 

“Zain looks forward to offering expanded CPaaS capabilities to our enterprise customers,” said AlJasem on the Telestax partnership. “For example, banks need two-factor authentication services now. These omnichannel capabilities enable better and more secure customer engagement for our banking customers. By partnering with Telestax we can deliver these needed services quickly and reliably— gaining more business and opportunities with our key accounts.”

Full CPaaS for Enterprise

As a global CPaaS enablement partner with the ability to service large Tier 1 providers, Telestax allows Zain to begin offering full CPaaS capabilities such as programmable SMS and voice. These services can include two-factor authentication (2FA) with SMS, voice, and email, SMS account reminders, interactive voice response (IVR) and more. The recently released Restcomm Whitelabel Feature gives service providers like Zain the ability to customize their Restcomm customer-facing portal and product documentation, saving weeks to months of time in deploying new CPaaS products and services.

“With Telestax, we are able to hit the ground running,” said AlJasem. “With the training materials and support, we can cut our set-up costs in half, while nearly quadrupling average customer value.”

A Valuable Partner

As a part of the Telestax service provider ecosystem, Zain can immediately capitalize on robust support and partner tools like the Telestax CPaaS Playbook to learn best practices and grow their business through focused sales enablement strategies.

The new Restcomm Whitelabel Feature helps providers keep developer documentation up to date for programmable voice, SMS, and operational issues like provisioning and billing. The functionality takes minutes to execute and aims to save considerable developer, design and writing time. Restcomm also includes a visual designer, which allows providers to enable businesses to create custom-design call flows and IVR decision trees through a graphical web-based interface, without requiring coding.

CSPs globally can begin offering full CPaaS capabilities to enterprise customers by contacting


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