Research Center Saves Over $100k with IVR

Mattias Jonsson, Director of Systems Development is a part of the UNC Lineberger PRO Core team that uses interactive voice response (IVR) technology to gather information about the quality of life and symptoms directly from patients or caregivers. Jonsson is working to move to a cloud-based IVR solution that is HIPAA compliant, while removing the disadvantages of maintaining a system on premises. Telestax and its communication service provider partners now offer HIPAA-supported cloud IVR.

Read the full case study here.

NTT-AT becomes official distributor of Telestax Products in Japan

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTT-AT, Head Office : Muza Kawasaki Central Tower, 1310 Omiya-cho Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 212-0014, Japan, President and CEO : Takashi Hanazawa) and Telestax, Inc today announced that the companies have entered into an agreement for NTT-AT to become the first distributor of Telestax Signaling Software TelScale and Next generation Cloud Communications Platform RestComm on January 16, 2015 in Japan.

With Mobile usage having overtaken desktop usage last year and Over 6 billion supported WebRTC devices by early 2019, people are increasingly communicating, as such a new range of creative innovative services and applications are coming to the market that mash up the Web with video, audio, messaging and more.

Read the full press release here.

World-First Demo of Live Open Source Telecom Service Runs in the Cloud All on Software

First Industry-wide demo showing traffic routed from a telco (Truphone) into Project Clearwater, a full cloud-based IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) core from Metaswitch, backed by a cluster of RestComm Telephony Application Server (TAS) featuring an API exposure layer and service creation environment from Telestax. The demo was a IVR polling application which was querying Truphone HLR to playback information on the caller operator, which operator the phone is roaming on, updating a real time dashboard with location and poll results, and sending back an SMS to the caller with a voucher at the end of the demo. The demo was exclusively built on Open Source Software and ready in less than 2 weeks showing operators can vastly reduce infrastructure costs and focus on service innovation without incurring millions of dollars in integration costs and delays of one year in launching new services.
See the full demo of the video here.


Telestax and Dialogic Validate Their WebRTC Platform for Cloud-Ready Web Services

Dialogic Inc., the Network Fuel® company, and Telestax today announced that the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS media server has integrated with Telestax SIP Servlets, a SIP/IMS and WebRTC Application Server available as part of the open source Mobicents Platform or as a “carrier-grade” supported product called TelScale®.  The combined platform enables service providers to fully embrace cloud and NFV initiatives as well as being strongly suited for enabling WebRTC applications. It also was recently demonstrated and installed in the labs of NTT-AT, a longtime distributor of Dialogic products in Japan, as part of a demonstration of a WebRTC video conferencing application developed on the platform. Read the full announcement here.

InPhonex VoIP Services Growth Powered by Telestax SIP Servlets

InPhonex serves communications service providers, businesses of all sizes through its RingByName flagship product, value-added resellers (VARs) and consumers, under its own and other brands. Offerings include multiple applications, services and utilities, such as VolP, hosted PBX, SIP trunking, product creation and provisioning. To accompany its growth InPhonex selected Telestax SIP Servlets as the Solution for the Core SIP Traffic Routing and has been able to achieve the required migration while tackling the challenges imposed by InPhonex’s lines of business Read the full case study here.

Andrexen launches Uniquity-Web for Operators, & ISPs – leveraging Telestax Solutions.

Uniquity®-Web is a powerful all-in-one web communication solution available to each and every user having a mere browser, allowing to enjoy a unique set of functionalities : voice and Video HD, presence, instant messaging, file transfer, remote control desktop. Uniquity®-Web leverages the MCU Video Conferencing Server from Medooze, based on carrier-grade TelScale SIP Servlets from Telestax, for its robustness and scalability allowing Uniquity®-Web to uniquely bridge SIP, WebRTC and legacy users together in a same conference. Read the full case study here.

Smile Telecoms and Telestax Launch Africa’s First 4G/LTE Mobile Broadband Networks

Smile Communications aims to deliver affordable, high quality and easy to use broadband access and communication services to customers across Africa. Smile has deployed Africa’s first 4G LTE broadband services, and has commercial LTE networks in Tanzania and Uganda and imminent launch plans for Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. A major differentiator for Smile has been the ability to rapidly adjust to changing market conditions and technologies while operating from a very small cost base. To achieve this Smile has taken the approach of outsourcing transport plane functionality, while developing the service plane in house by leveraging Telestax solutions – allowing for flexible, efficient and cost-effective service differentiation. Read the full case study here.


Healthsense helping baby boomers age safely with Telecom APIs (Restcomm)

Healthsense – a US based tele healthcare technology company built a sophisticated sensor system that monitors patients at home, in senior living and skilled nursing settings. Based on signals from the monitoring sensors, the system evaluates a complex set of rules and implements workflows which engage a senior’s caretakers in real time. The Healthsense system handles a continuous, large volume of sensor data that trigger thousands of life critical phone calls every day. Read the full case study here

VoIP Innovations offers Restcomm Telephony APIs to enterprise customers

VoIP Innovations has partnered with Telestax, Inc. in order to start offering the Restcomm for VoIP Innovations platform to their customers. Restcomm is designed to fill the needs of existing VoIP Innovations customers who are primarily web developers working for enterprise companies. “The market that Restcomm is entering is relatively new, but it’s one that’s going to explode since we’re seeing more and more web developers taking advantage of web API’s,” said Nick Medina, VP of Business Development at VoIP Innovations. “A product like Restcomm is going to greatly benefit our customers because it has the quality and price that they’re not finding anywhere else.” Read the full press release here. You can also read the blog post from VoIP Innovations.

Telestax TelScale Middleware Clears the Path for Comium Ivory-Coast

To excel in a very competitive telecom market, Comium CI (GSM mobile telephony service provider) was looking to improve its SMS services and make it more scalable and cost effective. It required an SMS solution that will help it remain competitive in the years to come and not just a temporary ad-hoc fix. It wanted to be able to offer new services that will meet the needs of future generations. Telestax understood this important need and after analyzing the situation at Comium, Telestax was able to provide a custom solution based on TelScale SMSC. Telestax’s approach allowed Comium to implement a range of bulk SMS applications. By choosing Telestax, Comium implemented a scalable solution that will give it a technological and commercial advantage over competitors. The ROI (Return on Investment) was also substantial due to Telestax cost effective solution and the rapid turnaround. To view the full case study, please click the link below: Comium Ivory-Coast  

Independent Report: Mobicents Sip Server supports Highest Level of Availability

An independent report by AT&T Labs and Columbia University compares MSS (Mobicents Sip Server), OCCAS (Oracle Communications Converged Application Server) and IBM WAS (Websphere Application Server). The report is focused on the highest level of service availability, where any failure is transparent to the end user. This level is typically expected of emergency call services subject to strict government regulation. Key factors considered in the comparison are Scaling Efficiency, Operational Cost, Scaling Increments, and Simultaneous Failures. Read more about the results of the AT&T report

Case Study: USSD based Mobile Payment Services deployed in the Middle East

In partnership with PCNC, Telestax deployed a USSD based mobile payment solution for a prominent financial group in the Middle East. The mobile payment and mobile banking service is offered to millions of bank users. As a result of the collaboration with Telestax, PCNC was able to go to market in a matter of weeks. The solution is built on the TelScale USSD Gateway, which exposes a RESTful HTTP API to third-party applications and simplifies backend SS7 network connectivity. To view the full case study please click the link below. PCNC  Solutions Case Study

Case Study: Mobile services innovation in Brazil, Algar Telecom

Brazilian MNO – Algar Telecom launches new IVR and SMS services in record time from concept to market. In collaboration with Telestax, Algar Telecom built new subscriber marketing and enterprise customer support services at a fraction of the time and cost it takes with traditional telecom equipment. Read the full story: Telestax-Algar-Telecom-Case-Study-2012.


Orange Labs/France Telecom develop IMS services on Mobicents

Orange Labs designated an expert in-house team to built a sophisticated IMS architecture with WebRTC capabilities in collaboration with Telestax. See the presentation slides by Francois Joseph Levee at Mobicents Summit 2012. Also see presentation slides from the Orange Labs team in Poland.


Brazilian MNO Algar Telecom launches IVR and SMS services on Mobicents

Throughout 2012 Algar Telecom deployed several IVR and SMS services based on Mobicnets. Currently handling 1,5 million calls per day and over 1 million messages per day. See the presentation slides by Normandes Junior and Eduardo Souza at Mobicents Summit 2012.

Israeli MVNO SIPME builds IMS infrastructure on Mobicents

Yulian Oifa, CTO and co-founder of SIPME, presents on the MVNO challenges and success with deploying a complete IMS infrastructure in collaboration with Telestax. See the presentation slides.

Twilio expands internationally and contributes to Mobicents

Jonas Borjesson, SIP Tech Lead at Twilio presents the challenges and solutions for the company’s international expansion, contributions to Mobicents and collaboration with Telestax. See the presentation slides from Mobicents Summit 2012.

Avaya builds a range of IMS products on Mobicents

Renato Simoes, Senior Architect at Avaya discusses a broad range of IMS products built by his team leveraging Mobicents. See the presentation slides.

Applicata launches Intelligent Test System in collaboration with Telestax

Applicata built an intelligent test system for telephony services in collaboration with Telestax. The test system allows subscriber call simulation as well as testing internal network access points across a broad range of legacy and IP protocols. See the presentation slides from Mobicents Summit 2012.

Avistar launches Telepresence System in collaboration with Telestax

Avistar launched a telepresence solution C3 based on Mobicents. C3 is deployed in the cloud and is capable of bridging to 3rd party systems from Polycom and Cisco. See the presentation slides from Mobicents Summit 2011.

PeopleFone and Telestax Release Joint Case Study

Read the joint Case Study on how PeopleFone, a VoIP provider for private and business customers, has designed their architecture based on Open Source Solutions, including TelScale for Call Routing, Billing and SIP Header Manipulation to achieve a resilient network handling 30 millions+ minutes per year.

ATES Networks and Telestax Release Joint Whitepaper – Next Generation Mobile Communication Channels

The ATES Networks products are based on the Unified Communication Platform (UCP) – a carrier-grade SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) open telecom platform, designed to achieve fast time-to-market in launching new services and smooth integration with the operator’s ecosystem. Starting with release 3.3 of the BroadApp SelfCare product, ATES Networks has added support for Telestax JAIN SLEE. Read More in the White Paper.

Rancore Technologies gets JBoss World 2012 Innovation Award for state of the art Service Delivery Platform Based on Mobicents

Rancore selected Mobicents Platform for the extremely critical role of building a state-of-the-art fault tolerant Service Delivery Platform (SDP). The SDP has been built keeping in mind a philosophy of “scale-linearly and scale-fast” due to the high volume demands in the Indian mobile market and the upcoming broadband data growth opportunity in 4G.


Kalsym and Telestax Release Joint Case Study on TelScale JSLEE and jSS7

Mobilink, Pakistan rolls out ‘NotifyMe Service’ build by Kalsym using TelScale JSLEE and jSS7. Service is rolled out to millions of customers and helps Operator to generate more revenue by notifying caller as and when called subscribesr is available again to take the call. Read more details here

Martin Giess, Co-Founder, EMnify presented on “Be a Virtual Mobile Network for your M2M/IoT Devices.” at TADSummit 2015

Its never been easier to act as an MVNO and take control over mobile connectivity. Management and provisioning of SIM cards and mobile network resources is easy through APIs. Martin Giess showed a demo of provisioning, SMS, data session control, and even voice.

KS Lau, CTO & VP Technology, Multi-Byte Info Technology Ltd presented on “The Open Source Telco.” at TADSummit 2015

Multi-Byte is a full MVNO operating across Asia. KS quantified how they use and benefit from open source in their network.

Drew Johnson, VP Engineering, Aeris Communications presented on “Forget Mobile-First … Move your customers to IoT-First.” at TADSummit 2015

Aeris is a global IoT connectivity, data, and analytics services provider.  Drew Johnson shared key lessons on building a successful M2M/IoT business as a carrier and how to move customers toward an IoT-First approach.


Daniel Sendin, COO, NAKA Mobile presented on “Financial Services: The next Mobile challenge.” at TADSummit 2015

MVNOs showed the industry that new services and revenue streams could be possible. Convergence of services is a reality that operators are bringing to the market. Naka developed a convergence platform of Mobile services and now also Financial Services. The noi [BOX] service allows a customer to benefit of having multiple mobile identities with Remittance and peer2peer digital cash transactions.

Moshe Maeir, Fone.Do presenting “Moving the PBX from the Cloud to the Web – What does that mean?” at TADSummit 2015

Moshe explained the future of Web based PBXes. And his experiences in developing a WebRTC based PBX at

Ofer Cohen and Elad Wetrzberger presenting “Implementing and Quantifying Real Time Customer Engagement.” at TADSummit 2015

LivePerson is the global leader in intelligent online customer engagement. Ofer Cohen and Elad Wetrzberger discussed in more detail the implementation of use cases for online user engagement, and quantify the impact on sales and customer satisfaction for our customers.

Manjeet Singh presenting “Using Real Time Communications to get the most from Tablets.” at TADSummit 2015

Elucit are manufacturing and selling fully managed Android tablets, meeting the specific needs of groups such as children, executives, elderly, and more. Pinig are in the process of launching embedded real-time communications to better support customers. Manjeet’s ultimate goal is to achieve an Amazon Mayday experience on Pinig tablets so everyone gets the most from pervasive personal computing (tablets).

Brian Hierholzer, and Marc Corinth from Artisan Infrastructure presented “Delivering Reliable Telephony via Desktop as a Service.” at TADSummit 2015

The market for DaaS is growing at 28% annually and will reach $5.6B by 2016. There are mature offerings available from multiple reputable vendors, however there is one big gap. Telephony. Lync/Skype for Business and other competitive offerings that work well on regular desktops are barely useful on DaaS. Why? This session will explore this major gap and discuss Artisan’s solution.

Sebastian Schumann, T-Mobile Slovakia, presented on “My Experiences of TADHack as a Telekom Employee.” on TADSummit 2015

Every telecom employee should take part in TADHack, not only because TADHack is for everyone. Rather how we create new services has changed so dramatically, the only way to understand how easy its become is to experience it firsthand. In April I created in 24 hours a service that would cost millions and take over one year to create using the old methods. We have to change, and TADHack is your fast-track route to understanding the power of new technology in telecoms.