Chatbots Are Coming – On-Demand Webinar Featuring Telestax and InteliWise

Yes, chat bots are coming – and they are important but your customers expect choice when interacting with you. Some still prefer voice. Others prefer opting in via self-service.

Join us as we explore how you can build sustainable chatbot, voice and messaging applications with InteliWise and RestcommONE. You’ll walk away with communication strategies you can use in your business right away.

Searching for the best and most cost-effective communication solution that will satisfy all of your customers needs can be daunting. InteliWise and Telestax can help you do just that.

Let’s get you registered for this on-demand webinar.

Our Speakers

CEO – InteliWise

Serial entrepreneur, passionate about bringing new, innovative technologies into traditional businesses, developing businesses from scratch, building on-boarding andcustomer success processes1, the founder and shareholder InteliWISE. During his career, he supervised the process of finding investors, among which include Intel Capital, the largest VC fund in the world, and the process IPO on New Connect.Co-author the US patented technology: “Systems and methods for generating and implementing an interactive man-machine web interface based on natural language processing and avatar virtual agent based character”.

IT Architect – InteliWise

Founder, chief technology architect solutions with customer service provider Limtel. Greg is an expert with over 10 years of experience in developing information systems and telecommunications. He led teams involved in the design of distributed systems for high availability deployments private and public cloud. His field of expertise is telecommunications – design, programming and implementation of VoIP platforms and billing.

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