Real Time Banking

Like many other industries, banking is poised for a massive change in the way it performs business with customers. Banks have always been very forward thinking, continually making advances in how they interact and communicate with their customers to provide exceptional service. From drive-through tellers – to convenient ATM locations – to placing mini banks in areas their customers frequent, their goal has always been to be conveniently available for their customers at any time. At the same time, banks have been struggling with ways to offer this exceptional service while also lowering their costs. The need to own or lease large brick and mortar buildings is an example of increasing – not decreasing their enormous cost structure.

Thankfully, with Telestax, banks now have the technology needed to enable them to provide customers with a high-level of satisfaction while significantly decreasing the cost associated to running their business.

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Company Background

The industry is on the cusp of an exciting revolution. The promise of real-time communication – people to people and machine to machine – opens an enormous opportunity for everyone and everything. People can now instantly initiate a voice and/or video dialogue with each other making it seem as though they are in the same room – not hundreds and thousands of miles apart. Machines can communicate with other machines to vastly improve workflows and business process as though a human is involved. The result of real time communication is significantly improved customer service and satisfaction, and a tremendous improvement in process efficiency that decreases operating costs.

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Open Source Restcomm License versus Telestax Restcomm Enterprise Subscription License

RestcommTM, the most popular open source projects on the market for developing real time communications applications, is available under two licensing agreements. The table above provides a quick view of the major differences between the two license agreements. Below is an explanation for each of the items compared within the table. Many of the items listed in this document are called out specifically in either the AGPLv3 license available at or the Telestax© RestcommTM Subscription Agreement available here.

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