Restcomm CPaaS Enablement Documentation

Become your own CPaaS while enjoying the power of Restcomm Cloud and its robust APIs.

Start designing your own unified communications applications today.

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Restcomm CPaaS enables service providers to add real-time communications features (Voice and SMS) to their own applications without having to build complex telecom infrastructure and interfaces. You can get started by registering and setting up your Restcomm organization and web domain. Then simply create your styling, bring your own carrier network and start onboarding enterprise customers.

The bring your own network (BYON) feature lets you connect to the platform and allows your enterprise customers to use your network and numbers for PSTN traffic. BYON enables you to layer the value of a modern CPaaS platform on top of your existing voice and SMS infrastructure.

Restcomm is specifically designed with service providers in mind. It gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a unique CPaaS solution that complements your existing product portfolio. You can expect no upfront costs and instant time to market. Using a self-service user interface, you are able to rebrand Restcomm and make it your own CPaaS within hours.

Restcomm’s Message Exchange helps you enable your enterprise customers to send and receive SMS using their unified communications (UC) client. Enterprise customers are able to send two-way SMS or send a message to multiple destinations. All incoming messages to their UC client appear under your company domain.

Easily onboard your enterprise customers by allowing them to register their accounts under your own CPaaS brand. Segment phone numbers, collect usage statistics and control their data access using the Restcomm REST API.

Expand your CPaaS offering by providing more flexibility for your customers. Allow them to build voice applications with the help of a powerful drag and drop visual designer or robust programmable voice API. Let them programmatically send and receive SMS worldwide with an easy-to-use visual designer system or powerful SMS API.

Restcomm CPaaS makes it easier for you to access your telecom components in a 24/7 cloud service. Our worldwide support team is available around the clock and is ready to assist you in using the platform effectively by accelerating deployment, maximizing developer productivity, and reducing downtime.

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