Introducing IBM® Voice Gateway's newest partner: Telestax® powered by RestcommONE™

IBM® Voice Gateway

Enhance your call center operations by connecting to IBM Watson™ services. Use IBM Watson as a self-service agent to handle calls instead of a live contact center agent, or to assist contact center agents in real-time.

Telestax RestcommONE

The world’s most advanced CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) integrates easily with IBM Voice Gateway to support SMS messaging to Watson. Now your customers can send a text to Customer Service instead of calling.

RestcommONE’s Visual Designer and limitless APIs enable developers to quickly build scalable real-time communications applications that communicate through SMS. RestcommONE is the only CPaaS platform that supports your deployment model of choice – On premise, cloud and Hybrid.

Transform the way you work, and get started today!

SMS Integration Bundle

ibm price
  • RestcommONE Cloud Account
  • IBM Watson Integration
  • 1 New DID (SMS Enabled)
  • SMS Enablement of up to 5 existing DID
  • Messaging - up to 10,000 Messages @ 1 MpS. U.S. and Canada Only.
  • Visual Designer with full Template Library to get you started fast in building creative applications
  • 99.7% uptime service level agreement
  • Need additional messages?
    10,000 messages/$50.00 USD

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