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Podcast: Smart 2FA is a Big Opportunity for Service Providers

In this Cloud Communications Alliance podcast, Telestax Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Nethercott reveals how providers can deliver a better cost structure and better quality using Telestax CPaaS with 2FA.

With Telestax Restcomm Smart 2FA, communications service providers can enable enhanced account security with two-factor authentication, right out of the box. “There’s only a limited number of vendors that can provide multi-factor authentication,” says Kevin Nethercott Chief Commercial Officer at Telestax.

In this podcast we learn that communication service providers are experiencing major opportunities by leveraging the Telestax CPaaS offering and then bundling in 2FA, where the provider can often deliver a better cost structure and better quality. Nethercott also discusses his thinking and observations for the coming year. “2020 will be a critical year for APIs, and these enchanneled use cases,” says Nethercott.

Nethercott observes that many enterprises, who may still have a collection of on-prem communication sites, have likely adopted a digital transformation plan, and that plan includes more than simply replacing legacy gear. Companies are seeking something new when they move to the cloud. As with 2FA, the upsell opportunities are there for providers able to offer more choices and solutions.

Listen to the full podcast. 

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