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Podcast: Telestax brings on seasoned software CEO veteran to accelerate Telestax sales to the next level

Based on Open source technology, Telestax is embedded in 80% of the level 1 carriers around the world. Telestax has a very complete and modular Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) product offering.

Paul Doscher is the new CEO and looks forward to working with Telestax. As he explains to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, Telestax is very well positioned to take advantage of the accelerated transition and expansion taking place in the communications industry at all levels.

First, for companies to move from open source to commercial profile is difficult and challenging to say the least. He plans to use his experience with previous open source companies to help Telestax focus and become a more commercial software company providing commercial CPaaS as opposed to an open source strategy.

Second, the go to market strategy around the world will be a channel play. Service providers will be target customers of Telestax. While focused on the service provider, other opportunities will not be ignored. Telestax is currently working with integrators and independent software vendors that have specific applications addressing specific markets

Telestax will also make sure the required staffing is available to meet the needs of channel demands along with the required five 9s.

Many carriers are struggling to counter the affects of over the top solutions on their bandwidth and customer base. Telestax can enable carriers to provide similar over the top services quickly, allowing them to reposition themselves to take advantage of the emerging commercial needs.

Telestax Message Exchange is a perfect example of how service providers can take advantage of a complementary technology by offering messaging services to their customer base. There are many unique features to this service that differentiates the Telestax service from other texting implementations.

Listen in for more details on how Paul views the channel and plans to expand the Telestax presence and image.

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