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Telestax Adds Call Queuing Capabilities to Restcomm Platform

Telestax’s cloud-based Restcomm platform is a white-label solution designed to help communications service providers and enterprises deploy a range of new technology solutions to target new customers at what it calls “web speed.” The platform has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan (News – Alert) with its North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award.

Now, Telestax, an Austin, Texas-based CPaaS enablement and application provider, has added a feature that’s likely to be attractive to the call center industry: call queuing. According to the company, the call queuing feature is easy to deploy, fully supports the “bring your own carrier” (BYOC) model and provides immediate return on investment (ROI) for cloud-based contact centers. The feature is now included as part of the Restcomm CPaaS offering.

The Restcomm platform provides application programming interfaces (APIs) as an overlay on a provider’s existing IP-based communications services. Through APIs, third-party developers and enterprise development teams can manage a business’ communications services, provision new lines or services, and even directly incorporate a provider’s communications services into business workflows.

With call queuing as one of those new capabilities, users of the platform can essentially roll out their own call center capabilities without the need to purchase new hardware, according to Telestax. Essentially, anyone with an internet browser can directly call into the queue and begin taking customer calls.

With Restcomm Call Queuing, incoming calls are placed in a queue and distributed to the next available agent in the order received. This allows businesses to serve customers promptly while optimizing agent resources.

“The new Call Queuing application is another example of how Telestax is able to quickly expand services that customers need to meet strategic goals,” said Ameed Jamous, Founder and CTO at TelecomsXChange (TCXC), an early user of the new module. “A contact center can set up call queuing in a matter of hours, and with just two phone numbers that organization can begin taking calls in a more streamlined manner. We think this will significantly empower TCXC’s call center customers to scale their business and ours.”

This article originally appeared in Call Center Management.

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