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Telestax Announces Partnership with Proximus to Deliver Full CPaaS Capabilities to Belgian Market

AUSTIN, TX – November 19, 2020 – Today, Telestax, the leading provider of CPaaS enablement to global communications companies announced a strategic partnership with Proximus, the leader in Enterprise Solutions in Belgium. Leveraging the Telestax Restcomm platform, Proximus Enterprise introduces FlexIO, a solution designed to extend critical CPaaS services and high-demand turnkey applications to businesses serving the Belgian market.

“Today’s companies need to become more digital to remain relevant. We bring to businesses the capability to communicate in the way customers and employees prefer,” said Alex Lorette, Director of  Enterprise Solutions at Proximus. “Not only do we embrace the most modern cloud-based multi-channel communications, but thanks to Telestax, Proximus can now execute on this new business capability across the Belgian market to companies of any size. With the FlexIO brand name we deliver next generation communications on Belgium’s best network, inspiring the solutions of tomorrow. Telestax has helped us to enable the freedom of flexible communications, integrate seamlessly, and support our customers’ newest use cases.”

The Telestax Restcomm platform will serve as the foundation for Proximus FlexIO, the company’s CPaaS offering. FlexIO will include full CPaaS capabilities such as two-factor authentication (2FA), phone number masking, programmable SMS, and advanced voice API services including multi-language AI speech to text, dynamic IVR, and more. With these key features and advanced functionality, Proximus can supply their B2B customers with more choices for improving customer engagement.

With FlexIO, Proximus is also creating unique solutions for sectors such as government administration, healthcare, customer care, real estate, and more. For example, Proximus has created the FlexIO Smart Property Manager. This intuitive communications and issue-tracking tool has been developed for use between property managers and tenants of high-rise residential buildings to speed property repairs, rent collection, and tenant-manager communications.

In their CPaaS partner selection process, Proximus compared a series of competing solutions based on multiple criteria including functionality, reputation, innovation, and ease of use.

“We did a true side-by-side comparison and there is no doubt Telestax offers us the most flexible and customizable CPaaS platform that is purpose-built for communications providers,” said Bahadir Yavuz, Manager, API Solutions at Proximus. “The Restcomm platform is game changing, with endless  possibilities to build the communication journeys our customers want. Telestax also impressed us with their strong sales enablement program to ensure our sales team can be ready to penetrate the market  quickly.”

Some of the features that made the Telestax Restcomm platform stand out in a busy field of competitors included the ability to white label the Restcomm platform, a bring your own carrier (BYOC) option, and an intuitive visual designer.

“Our partnership with Proximus will ensure they can successfully meet their customers’ CPaaS demands as the market need continues to rise,” said Kevin Nethercott, Chief Commercial Officer for Telestax. “Telestax has a strong focus on helping our communications partners succeed quickly at competing with traditional CPaaS players. The Proximus team is a highly capable one and they presented some challenging questions to ensure we could meet their expectations. We are immensely proud to have won this business and Proximus is already transforming our capabilities and assets into API-driven telco services. We look forward to multiple success stories coming forth from Proximus in the following  months and years.”

The Proximus FlexIO CPaaS platform is available now. Learn more at To inquire about becoming a Telestax partner, please visit or email Telestax at

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