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Telestax Turns Real Time Success Into Strong Funding

Real time communications are taking flight, from OTT applications to the contact center and beyond. The reason is simple: we live in a real time world. And in this real time world, developers are licking their chops at the tools available in their sandbox. One such company that provides these tools received an influx of funds in a recent investment round to help further the real time revolution.

Telestax, a firm known for real time messaging, voice and video apps, secured $4.7 million in its most recent round of funding. Led by LiveOak Venture Partners, the investment comes on the heels of much success for Telestax, and will help the up-and-comer with market reach and operational support.

“The exceptional team, high-value technology and resulting customer adoption of Telestax’s offerings made this a compelling investment for us,” LiveOak Venture Partners General Partner Krishna Srinivasan said in a news release. “We look forward to helping Telestax with their market and product expansion.”

To put matters in perspective, the platform is in play with customers like T-mobile, for instance, that is one of more than 170 commercial customers. According to Telestax, it supports nearly a billion calls and 200 million messages on a daily basis…then another 500 million calls and nearly six million messages via the cloud.

“The last 12 months have been remarkable for Telestax,” Ivelin Ivanov, Telestax CEO and co-founder, said in the news release. “We launched RestcommONE, our CPaaS enablement platform, and our RestcommONE Marketplace; and today we have added another business partner with strong proven expertise in telecom and infrastructure software.”

The future is now. It is no time to rest on laurels; Telestax has taken the real time baton and is running with it. Remember, we live in a real time world, demanding real time communications applications fit to resolve our customer service queries, keep us in touch with friends or bring colleagues together in conference.

Do you communicate in real time?

This article originally appeared in Communications Applications

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