Number Masking Maximized

Advanced features, advanced possibilities.

Empower organizations to tailor experiences to the needs of the business and their customers, protecting privacy during SMS and voice communications with Number Masking advanced features.


Geo Match

Match country code to the phone number of origin, facilitating the appearance and display of familiar numbers during incoming calls or texts.

Session Management

Enable number blocking, permanent masked number, session expiration, and more for maximized configurability.


Concurrent Numbers

Use the same phone number in multiple sessions simultaneously for added cost savings and the optimization of resources.

SMS Support

Seamlessly communicate using voice or text within the same session using comprehensive SMS support.


Accessible Usage Records

Easily access usage and support records for increased visibility and control.

Content Screening

Flag unwanted content by keyword and other criteria to limit the sharing of personal information outside the specified platform.


How Number Masking Works

How Number Masking Works

5 Key Advantages of CPaaS Number Masking

Critical Services for the Gig Economy
Enable the high-demand functionality of number masking for ride-share, dating apps, e-commerce, logistics, and more.
Restcomm APIs
Extend capabilities of the Restcomm platform with number masking included for current customers.
Accelerated Deployment
Cut launch time from days to hours at a cost that allows any size business to enter the market with ease.
Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)
Reduce costs and enable better delivery rates by using your own phone numbers.
Unlimited Scalability
Allow new customers to purchase the phone numbers necessary to do business and add more when needed.

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