FREE! Open Source


What’s included?

Open access to upstream source code and files

Subscription access to all
thoroughly tested, commercial grade Telestax products.


Access Control List, Encryption, Denial of Service protection, Fraud Alerts.

Code updates

Code is updated daily with new experimental features.

Rigorously tested binary updates, security alerts and hot patches.

Documentation and training

Community Wiki updated sparingly.

orangecheck1A rich knowledge base with the latest product documentation, examples and videos. Professional training.


Volunteer public forum support.

orangecheck1 World class expert support. Follow-the-sun carrier grade SLA..

Management and monitoring extensions

orangecheck1 Provided as part of release distribution.

3rd party integration testing

orangecheck1 Each release is tested with a range of 3rd party software and equipment.

Extensive load and simulation testing

orangecheck1 Each release is extensively tested under sustained load and real-world simulated scenarios.

High Availability

orangecheck1 Robust and carrier tested Load Balancing, Fault Tolerance, Replication and Geo-Distribution.

Automatic NAT Traversal

orangecheck1 Transparent NAT traversal for 99% of real-world cases. STUN and ICE available.

Consulting and Training Services

Telestax also provides a variety of consulting and training services.