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Product Description

Lets go back to being humans by talking as we used to.

Every conversation you have allows you to know more about the interaction between you and your caller. You will be given amazing information online and in real-time that you never before thought you could have. Based on the cloud, Mandala satisfies all of your communication requirements without needing any installation within your environment.

Mandala is state-of-the-art communications software that gives you the emotional state of the caller. It does this with the help of AI that is able to measure emotion. “95% of decisions are emotional.” The human being has six genetic emotions. What would you do if you could see all 6 of them?

How many times have you tried to reach a person and got a machine instead? Mandala is packed with a rich set of features such as Click2Call, Videocall, file transfer, chat, workgroup, campaign management and and so much more that can solve all of your needs.

Top Features

  • Inbound call management
  • Click2Call
  • VideoCall
  • Click2chat
  • File Transfer
  • 100% WebRTC (no need for plugins or apps – just a browser)
  • Emotional rate response
  • Caller/Callee metric in real time
  • Mandala Box
  • Call Statistics
  • Multitenant solution (ideal for a Carrier or Service Provider)
  • Cloud solution
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Management
  • ACD Features

Top Benefits

  • Increase your communications skills no matter the functional area you are in (sales, marketing, support, etc. you will receive useful information from each call.)
  • Hugh accounting on human interactions
  • 25% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 50% Increase your closing deals rates
  • 100% Contact time rate less than 15 segs
  • No deployment need

Product Images

Company Profile

Company Name: Eolos IT Corp
Company Address: 8140 NW 29 St.
Doral, Miami, FL 33122, USA
Company Website: http://www.eolos.la
Company Phone: +13056005922
Product Name: Mandala
Company Email: hola@eolos.la

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