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Product Description

The hottest AI-powered, Conversational solution for intelligent automation for Customer Service and e-transactions.

AI-Chatbot (Virtual Assistant for Enterprise): AI-powered Engine, incl. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Semantic Automated Answers Database, Intelligent Dialog, System for Intelligent escalation.

Top Features

Intent/problem recognition (via Natural Language Processing NLP):

  • Recognizes meaning of consumers’ questions, typed in a natural language, in a sentence, without the need for typing keywords, understanding synonyms of queries, correction of typos, language errors.
  • Contextual Autocomplete: displaying intelligent suggestions whenever user enters a query in the search box, suggesting the closest hit response
  • Automatic suggestions: are the result of analysis of previous questions – Manual suggestions: are the result of setting the desired suggestions (marketing information, targeting).
  • Voice questions: integration with speech recognition system – ability to include functionality recognized voice commands (and not just typed queries) via API

Providing instant answers:

  • Generates instant answers to users’ questions and /or running
    a virtual conversation from the Knowledge Base of Automated Answers, consisting of questions and answers dedicated to a given implementation, built:
  • in a manual manner – by the team of Knowledge Engineering, based on customer materials
  • automatically – the ability to index the speci ed web page (own crawler and indexer) and automatically build a question and answer database,
  • based on data generated by external data systems
  • Display Suggested Replies: Most relevant in a given context 3 – 5 replies or related topics

Answers in the form:

  • Displaying text responses
  • Display graphics (eg instructions, pictures, photos) in the content of speech
  • Display multimedia, including instructional videos, in the content of speech
  • Display site links in the content of speech
  • Display search results from other search engine – web (eg Google, Bing)
  • Emoticons display (for deployments in selected social portals)
  • Display search results from other search engines on the company site / portal (from CMS systems).

Multilingualism – recognition a chosen language through

  • use of automatic translators or dedicated semantics (eg English, Polish…)

Product Images

Company Profile

Company Name: InteliWISE Inc.
Company Address: 72 Ursynowska st Warsaw
02-672 Poland
Company Website:
Company Phone: +48 22 765 6000
Product Name: AI-Chatbot Virtual Assistant
Company Email:

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