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Product Description

In the close future more than 3 billion new users – primarily in emerging markets – will be connected to the Internet. The main device will be the smartphone, leading to increasing demands on new innovative business models built on new revenue streams, such as ad-supported business models, sponsored apps, etc.

Joors is the natural partner, empowering Advertising & Media Companies as well as operators to monetize users hunger for data, making Internet affordable through Ad-serving and Premium content.

Top Features

The need for Joors products and solutions becomes clear when looking at some notable market trends and realities. We consume more data than ever, our internet usage and hunger for MB will not slow down. At the same time, the mobile operator alone is not able to finance the needed capacity build-out, revenues are dropping and costs are increasing. The conclusion around this is that new revenue streams are badly needed. Interestingly enough, Advertisement in the digital space is booming in the wake of digitalization, and mobile is the definitive area of focus. Joors brings unique solutions to help bridge the gap – offering Platforms and Apps, providing Subscribers free surfing, and Ad-agencies & Brands new ways to reach target audiences, with guaranteed content delivery.

Top Benefits

We are already well established through local partnerships. We have projects about to go live in both Latin America and Europe. The solutions-suit includes an entry-level product called AdSurf, that can gradually be uplifted to EIS (Eco Innovation System), which has the full-service provider in mind.

For both products, Apps designed for IOS as well as Android, offers best possible Customer Experience and Intimacy. Content management and Analytics tools offer attractive Segmentation and Targeting capabilities, for best possible advertisement market impact.

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Company Profile

Company Name: Joors
Company Address: LUNTMAKARGATAN 26, 111
Company Website:
Product Name: AdSurf & Eco Innovation System
Company Email:

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