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Product Description offers an AI-as-a-service platform for engaging end customers in natural-language conversation. It can operate in two-way mode (conversing directly with an end user) or three-way mode (advising a live agent who is conversing with an end user).

The Appointment Bot is a two-way mode application built on the Lumin. ai platform. It lets an end user schedule and reschedule appointments via SMS, either proactively or in response to an outbound reminder.

Top Features

  • Connect with and automatically update a vendor’s calendar
  • Send outbound appointment reminders via SMS
  • Schedule a new appointment, change an existing one, cancel, or query
  • Understand user responses written in natural English
  • Participate in – not ignore or constrain – unexpected turns of conversation

Top Benefits

  • Dramatically reduce no-show rates
  • Delight end users by letting them communicate on the move, while multi-tasking, or out of business hours
  • Get instant con rmations with high open rates and response rates
  • Resolve “must-reschedule” cases on the spot

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Company Profile

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Company Address: 130 W Union St,
Pasadena, CA 91103
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