Rocket Hanger Partner Brief

RestcommOne Marketplace Partner - powered by Telestax

Product Description

Enable all of your traditional phone numbers to receive SMS messages and communicate effectively with your customers.

Top Features

  • Enable all of your existing landlines and toll-free numbers in no time, flat
  • Manage as many numbers as you want.
  • Assign different teams to groups of numbers within your company
  • Add powerful data appenders to your messages to learn more
    about who’s texting your business
  • Connect your numbers to best of breed chatbot platforms such as
  •, Midori, Amazon Lex and others to enable rapid response to your most frequent inquiries

Top Benefits

  • Capture messages from your customers that you didn’t know about

Company Profile

Company Name: Rocket Hangar
Company Address: Raleigh, NC
Company Website:
Company Phone: +1 919 349 9473
Product Name: MessageBoard
Company Email:

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