Somos Discovery Partner Brief

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Product Description

Somos Discovery’s Reminder Service is a Value Added Service for Conventional Telephone lines that allows consumers and business customers to create personalized voice reminders quickly and easily. The reminder service generates a phone call and plays a recorded message triggered by day, time or other events. The reminders can be managed and con gured by a mobile app, IVR, SMS or the Web.

Top Features

  • The alert generates a phone call and plays a recorded message
  • Con gure the service via mobile app, Web application and, or IVR
  • Set reminders by date, weekly or monthly calls
  • Personalized reminders can be sent to any contact’s number

Product Images

Company Profile

Company Address: Km 6 Carretera a Masaya,
Frente a MIFIC. Managua,
Company Website:
Company Phone: 505 88730066
Product Name: Reminder
Company Email:

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