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Eolos Launches Mandala Empathetic Contact Center

A Powerful AI-Based Platform That Tracks And Analyzes Emotions During Conversations

Miami, FL – June 29, 2018 Eolos today announced the availability of their Mandala Empathetic Contact Center. Mandala uses sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) software to assess, in real-time, the emotions of individuals participating in a call. Mandala is able to detect and report on 7 distinctly different emotions: fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust, surprise and contempt. Understanding emotions and being empathetic to them during collaboration allows for better information sharing and improved meeting outcomes.

Mandala’s Empathetic Contact Center

Mandala has evolved the Contact Center by making it Empathetic. The company has created their Empathetic Contact Center where quality of care is measured not only by statistical standards, but also by empathetic standards. Through its powerful artificial intelligence software, Mandala can detect the 7 basic universal emotions and provide immediate information about how both individuals participating in the call feel. After the call, Mandala processes the information gathered during the call and automatically sends a report. Although it sounds simple, the technology behind the product is quite sophisticated.

It is no surprise that 70% of consumer purchasing decisions occur right at the point of sale. 95% of these decisions are emotionally driven. If organizations are aware of a prospect’s emotions, they can help them make a better decision that provides greater impact. Communication plays in every transaction. If the customer’s need is understood, organizations are more likely to provide the right answer or product.

Read more about Mandala here

“By creating Mandala we believe we are taking communications to a new level,” said Marcelo Fada, co-founder of Eolos. “Mandala empowers both the caller and callee by providing access to a powerful platform that enables clear and productive communication – without the need for deep technological knowledge.”

About Eolos

At Eolos, we consider technology as the vehicle that leads to the creation of value. Through the creation of products or services, with the philosophy and the firm conviction in the potential of the cooperative activities of productive action, envisioning a more just and equitable society, based on the rational exploitation of the resources within our reach, with the ultimate and main goal of generating global communication platforms. Eolos makes companies more productive by integrating their business applications with voice, video and data communications infrastructure. We provide access to the cloud with usable Cloud services and no need to purchase equipment. Our products include Call and Contact Center service, core solutions and public administration.

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