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Four New Mobile-Focused Application Partners Join Telestax® RestcommONE Marketplace™

floLIVE, Gintel, Joors and Sompopo provide MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) quick and easy access to RestcommONE Marketplace Applications

Austin, TX – February 26, 2018 Telestax®, the Restcomm company, today announced that four new partners have joined the RestcommONE Marketplace ecosystem. FloLIVE of the UK, Gintel of Norway, Joors of Sweden and Sompopo of Honduras offer Marketplace applications that focus specifically on Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and their customers. RestcommONE Marketplace mobile application partners leverage Telestax’s industry leading real-time communications platform in the cloud, RestcommONE, for its next generation networking protocols. MNOs, through a single connection to Telestax can access the Marketplace applications and in the process become CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) enabled.

The RestcommONE Marketplace is a CPaaS ecosystem that blends traditional telecommunications and APIs (applications programming interfaces) with new, ready-to-deploy real-time voice, video and messaging applications. RestcommONE Marketplace partners offer participating service providers new business opportunities by providing real-time applications and solutions that are certified and integrated into the RestcommONE Platform.

Until now, MNOs were unable to participate in and leverage the fast growing CPaaS Market. Today, with RestcommONE Marketplace and its four new mobile focused application partners, the opportunity for MNOs stretches beyond CPaaS enablement to include the ability to deliver in-demand real-time communications business solutions that scale seamlessly and efficiently.

“Traditionally, CPaaS models have been focused on VoIP Service Providers, leaving MNOs to sit on the sidelines,” said Michael Brandenburg of Frost and Sullivan. “Telestax’s ability to extend the CPaaS opportunity directly to MNOs creates a unique ecosystem that will broaden the adoption of real-time communications while increasing a new pathway to revenue for this unique set of service providers.”

RestcommONE Marketplace New Mobile Partners:

floLIVE – An immediate revenue opportunity for MNOs/MVNOs looking to acquire mobile data capacity and IMSI access for supporting IoT customers and devices that require network access throughout the world. floLIVE operates a self-developed core network and offers a secure, cloud-based IoT ecosystem designed and built especially for IoT; and encompasses a wide range of services to market verticals – all provided as-a-service via their global cloud.

Gintel – MNOs are increasingly looking for innovative business services they can offer to their SME customers, who are abandoning traditional landline and legacy PBX services. Gintel provides the world’s leading mobile PBX capability, allowing MNOs to provide true business level features via a mobile device.

Joors – Mobile advertising continues to be a fast growing but difficult opportunity for MNOs to leverage. Using RestcommONE’s geolocation capabilities and Joors’ expertise in data sponsoring, MNOs/MVNOs can generate significant recurring incremental revenues from mobile marketing. Joors is also the key component behind the JoorsChain consortium that proposes to integrate Block Chain based hi-tech solutions to benefit MNOs.

Sompopo – Mobile e-Commerce is still an issue with many carriers and application providers alike. Sompopo’s mobile commerce platform integrates different applications to meet the needs of specific markets. Its point of sale (PoS) application also supports cash payment transactions to help deliver products and services. Included is a wholesaler panel that front-ends company specific virtual warehouses and a delivery agent app that supports certified PoS.

“RestcommONE Marketplace brings a global collection of best of breed partners together to create a very unique opportunity for MNOs,” said Kevin Nethercott, Telestax VP worldwide business development for CPaaS Enablement. “The instant an MNO connects to our RestcommONE cloud platform, and become CPaaS enabled, they are generating revenue through our partners that are buying mobile capacity or terminating traffic onto their network.”


About Telestax

Telestax is quickly becoming the catalyst for bringing real-time communications into the mainstream. Our RestcommONE platform is scalable, highly available and is the only WebRTC platform that supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployment configurations. RestcommONE is fast becoming the platform of choice for rapidly building enterprise class real-time messaging, voice and video applications. RestcommONE Marketplace connects these new Omnichannel applications with RestcommOne CPaaS-enabled (Communications Platform as a Service) service providers and increases the revenue opportunity for both. The RestcommONE Marketplace is generating a positive disruption in the real-time communications market by changing the way organizations acquire and utilize their business software. Telestax is a privately held global company with headquarters in Austin, TX.

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Nancy Colwell

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