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Telestax, a Cisco Solution Partner, announces SMS enablement for Webex Teams and new APIs for UC-One

Austin, TX – November 13, 2019/PR Newswire/ –Today, Telestax continues its commitment to being a valued Cisco Solution Partner with enhancements to Message Exchange, the CPaaS solution for enabling SMS. Telestax Message Exchange now enables the sending and receiving of SMS texts for Cisco Webex Teams. In addition to supporting Cisco Webex Teams, the company also reveals new APIs for Cisco UC-One and an upgrade to the Telestax UC-One API console, offering improved ease of use.

As the only SMS-enablement provider for Cisco collaboration tools, Telestax is dedicated to effective business communication. According to a 2019 Harvard Business Review survey, 68 percent of companies expect advanced messaging applications to play an important role in improving consumer marketing and customer engagement.1

Webex Teams users can take advantage of SMS capabilities eliminating the need for employees to send SMS to contacts from a personal cell phone or third-party application. The result is improved communications with customers, internal employees, and partners with an added layer of security and accountability associated with keeping interactions within a single platform.

Telestax customer and premier managed service provider TPx Communications delivers Cisco Collaboration tools across the U.S. with SMS options to their customers.

“As a long-term Cisco partner, TPx delivers award-winning UCx services utilizing the Cisco Collaboration platform,” said David Zahn, Senior Vice President of Marketing for TPx. “In 2018 we added the Telestax SMS capabilities to our mobile client to help our customers improve efficiency of communications between their teams, customers, partners, and vendors. As our customers evolve, it’s exciting to see Telestax stay on track with our customer’s needs. The SMS integration by Telestax to Cisco Webex and UC One solutions are welcome additions that we are excited to promote.”

Cisco collaboration tools serve over 300 million users worldwide. As this number continues to grow, Telestax remains focused on helping communications service providers to facilitate connections through SMS enablement for enterprise.

“Cisco technology solutions set the standards by which users connect, collaborate and create,” said Kevin Nethercott, Chief Commercial Officer at Telestax. “SMS enablement through Telestax has expanded the options for Cisco collaboration users by offering another way to reach their intended audience via their preferred method of communication.”

With Telestax, communications service providers can enable their enterprise customers to send and receive SMS texts using the Cisco Webex Teams application and the Cisco UC-One application and to manage and monitor the enterprise usage, mappings and message count. Phone number provisioning and options to bring your own carrier (BYOC) help providers to expand services and ensure quality.

Message Exchange for Cisco Webex Teams features:

  • Intuitive Console: Utilize new enterprise management console for communications service providers with support for mobile screens
  • Phone Number Provisioning: Configure setup based on CSP needs with BYOC option
  • Dynamic Private Room Creation: Benefit from automated generation of private rooms for new incoming messages from unique senders
  • Mapping: Associate Webex Teams user emails with a contact mobile phone number for easy SMS delivery and tracking
  • Advanced Search: Sort by enterprises, errors, mappings, or messages for billing purposes and more

New Message Exchange features for Cisco UC-One:

  • Rich API Set: CSPs can manage domains, certificates, and whitelists, as well as advanced searching and reporting via the API
  • Intuitive Console: Utilize the new self-service portal for reporting, management, and more
  • Improved Mapping Management: CSPs can manage multiple enterprises with mapping architecture that allows for easier provisioning, reporting, and usage billing

Telestax Message Exchange Support for Cisco Webex Teams and new features for Cisco UC-One are available immediately. For more information, visit

Data Source:

1 – September 2019 Harvard Business Review Survey

About Telestax

Telestax is the leading CPaaS enabler for communications service providers and creator of the award-winning Restcomm API platform. Originating in the largest industry open source community, managed by Telestax, Restcomm has been tested by over 10,000 telecom developers and contains over 6 million lines of code. As a trusted partner in real-time communications, Telestax delivers Restcomm Cloud to innovative companies around the world. When service providers join with Telestax, their customers gain the advantage of a superior network and full CPaaS capabilities such as programmable SMS and voice. With bring your own carrier options, white labeling, and a complete suite of voice and messaging APIs, service providers benefit from new revenue streams and a competitive edge in the evolving digital transformation marketplace. Restcomm Cloud removes the friction in application development and business workflow integration with user-friendly tools like the Visual Designer. The Telestax RESTful API gives experienced developers control to create robust omnichannel applications alongside technologies such as advanced IVR and intelligent chatbots. Learn more about Telestax, Restcomm Cloud, and CPaaS enablement at today.

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