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Telestax Partners with AveriStar to Expand SMS Enablement for Cisco Collaboration Platforms

Austin, TX – April 14, 2020/ — Today, Telestax announces a new partnership with AveriStar Consulting LLC to provide SMS enablement for Cisco collaboration platforms, including UC-One and Webex Teams with the Telestax Message Exchange application.

As a known and respected provider in the BroadSoft (now Cisco) ecosystem, AveriStar is a strategic partner, providing capabilities to large and small communications service providers (CSPs) that are seeking SMS enablement. For Telestax and AveriStar, there has been a high demand for SMS enablement for Cisco UC-One and Webex Teams. With AveriStar, Telestax can expand the availability of Message Exchange through a trusted partner.

In addition to Message Exchange, through this partnership AveriStar gains access to a host of CPaaS applications including enabling two-factor authentication, IVR, call recording, and more, increasing the service offering to enterprise customers.

According to a 2019 Harvard Business Review survey, 68 percent of companies expect advanced messaging applications to play an important role in improving consumer marketing and customer engagement. In these times of critical communication, that need is growing.

As the only SMS-enablement provider for Cisco collaboration tools, Telestax is dedicated to enabling effective business communication. Currently Cisco collaboration tools serve over 300 million users worldwide and as this number continues to surge, Telestax remains focused on helping the communications industry to facilitate connections through cloud-enabled applications.

“We are excited to partner with Telestax to enable our customers to gain access to SMS enablement for Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One today,” said Mark Averi, AveriStar Managing Partner and CEO. “Looking ahead, the Telestax CPaaS platform and turnkey applications will enable us to deliver many more critical solutions and capabilities into the future.”

With Telestax Message Exchange, Cisco UC-One and Webex Teams users can now immediately text message a contact whether they are within their company or outside. Cisco users can advantage of this and other SMS capabilities eliminating the need for employees to send SMS to contacts from a personal cell phone or third-party application. The result is improved communications with customers, internal employees, and partners with an added layer of security and accountability associated with keeping interactions within a single platform.

“Enabling business communications is always important but with the onset of COVID-19, organizations need more than just connectivity,” said Telestax Chief Commercial Officer, Kevin Nethercott. “Employees are increasingly working from home, often with Cisco collaboration tools, and it drives the need to connect over a variety of channels. Demand for SMS is especially high, and Telestax Message Exchange is an incredibly popular application. With the AveriStar partnership we can serve more users and ensure that they receive the long-term support they need to meet their business goals.”

All current Cisco-based providers can benefit from the new partnership, whether they are running their own on-premise servers or running on the Cisco cloud. SMS enablement is a critical feature that immediately adds a competitive advantage for Cisco collaboration providers.

Starting today, AveriStar will handle all SMS enablement for Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One service requests for Telestax Message Exchange. Contact Rick Brashear at AveriStar for details via email at or by phone at 573-270-7015.

About AveriStar Consulting LLC

AveriStar a North Carolina company provides BroadSoft-based Service Providers and Carriers with unparalleled engineering services, advanced technical support, and some of the best classroom and video training in the business. AveriStar has deployed multiple platforms in the last twelve years to include SBC’s, PSTN Gateways, SIP Peers, and various SIP End Points. Our Express Nuovo Platform Manager is a BroadWorks enterprise management application built for the BroadSoft platform. Express delivers enhanced provisioning functionality, coupled with advanced customer care management tools to improve and streamline workflows that platform administrators and provisioners utilize daily and is AS 805 compliant.  AveriStar, a “Certified BroadSoft Technical Partner” and “Re-Seller”, was founded in 2007 by former BroadSoft employees Mark and Matt Averi and added Glen Gaillard as an owner in 2017. For more information, please visit or Rick Brashear at 573-270-7015 or

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