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Telestax Releases Campaign Manager Application Bringing Large Volume Blast Capability to New Businesses and Markets

AUSTIN, TX — (Business Wire) — February 2, 2021 — Today, Telestax, the leading provider of CPaaS enablement, announces the release of Campaign Manager, a new CPaaS turnkey application designed for global communications companies and their enterprise customers. With Campaign Manager, any organization can create large-scale message blasts to launch far-reaching campaigns quickly and efficiently without complex development or coding resources. Campaign Manager supports high-volume SMS, voice, and email in one straightforward application. 

While email sending applications are ubiquitous, building SMS and voice campaigns are more nuanced. For example, SMS blasts require understanding of telecommunication provider throttling limits and parameters around message lengths. Managing all three channels, Campaign Manager facilitates hundreds of use cases across multiple verticals. Campaign Manager can also create large-scale voice calls for sending announcements, conducting polls, or gathering feedback. By linking Campaign Manager with the Telestax Visual Designer application, the system can even automate bi-directional voice conversations to deliver personalized experiences to a wide array of customers.

To expand their engagement channels, Arizona-based Broadband Dynamics partners with Telestax to provide Campaign Manager to businesses across the United States. 

“All businesses desire the ability to reach their customers on the digital channel that matters most for them,” said Andy Day, Vice President of Carrier Services at Broadband Dynamics. “Telestax Campaign Manager is a simple yet highly effective tool that can be adapted for a number of different uses. Whether it’s for small business, enterprise, virtual learning, or Covid-19 vaccine announcements, Campaign Manager can enhance nearly any organization by tapping into the power of SMS, voice, and email. If our customer combines Campaign Manager with the Telestax Visual Designer they unleash unlimited call flow possibilities. For example, they can now create wide-reaching surveys or queries and ensure the respondent can be efficiently routed to the right customer team in real time. With Telestax, we are helping our customers expand their digital reach and improve their business.” 

Campaign Manager offers critical features to communications providers such as:

  • Omnichannel Capability – With one application, set up SMS, voice, or email campaigns.
  • No Coding Required – Minimize the reliance on development resources or time needed to create, schedule, and send a campaign.
  • High-Volume Capacity – Supports millions of simultaneous SMS, voice, or email blasts.
  • Control for Volume and Budgets – Organizations can set limits on the number of messages sent in a given timeframe to ensure they stay within budget. Communications providers can set throttle values to ensure networks are not over tasked, or charge a premium for different blast packages.
  • Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) – All Telestax turnkey applications are part of the Restcomm platform which supports BYOC. This ensures traffic flows on the provider’s network retaining that revenue stream.
  • White-Label Support – Communications providers can white label the application to fit their branding and to deliver to customers a seamless one-brand experience. 
  • Voice Support Including IVR Capability – Campaign Manager links with the Telestax Visual Designer application to effortlessly create a variety of bi-directional call flows. This is ideal for collecting customer feedback, conducting polls, and seamlessly routing respondents to the right customer support group.
  • Multiple Encoding Support – A global communications solution, Campaign Manager supports common encoding types including GSM-7 and UCS-2.
  • Long and Short Code Support – Campaign Manager supports both 10-digit phone numbers used in person-to-person communications and 5-6-digit numbers used in authentication messages.

Campaign Manager’s simple creation and control interface can blast millions of messages or initiate millions of voice calls to notify customers or prospects of important announcements, promotions, or critical messages. The application can be utilized by most anyone in an organization and does not require developer skills. 

“There is no doubt that large companies have access to campaign blast products,” said Paul Doscher, Chief Executive Officer of Telestax. “They have full-scale marketing departments focused on scheduling and fine tuning these operations. Now, smaller companies without robust marketing resources can create large-volume sends with efficiency. Our partners, the communications providers, have hands-on relationships with all types of enterprise accounts. By combining the provider’s own high-quality network with Telestax Campaign Manager, they are able to go beyond phone numbers and provide programmable cloud communications to their business customers.” 

Campaign Manager is a versatile solution that supports multiple industries and use cases, including:

  • Marketing – Blast offers, promotions, sales, and store locations with trackable links to gain insights on conversion. 
  • Healthcare – Send SMS notifications on vaccine availability, testing sites, clinic operating hour changes.
  • Education – Notify parents and students via SMS on school closures, changes in virtual school procedures, snow day adjustments, even send voice surveys on virtual learning effectiveness.
  • Government – Alert residents to changes in government services such as trash or recycling pickup.
  • Services – Send company performance surveys via voice or SMS, text coupons and promotions to generate more revenue.

Campaign Manager is another turnkey application for the Telestax partner network. Telestax brings service providers and global communications companies Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) technology to better compete with traditional over-the-top CPaaS players offering similar functionality and taking market share away from the provider. 

“Our turnkey applications work on top of the Telestax Restcomm CPaaS platform, exclusively designed for global communications companies and service providers.” said Paul Doscher, CEO of Telestax. “These providers desire the capability to bring programmable communications to their enterprise customers and keep traffic on the provider’s network to retain maximum account value. All Telestax applications are turnkey, meaning they are simple to deploy and require no code or development work by the end user. This ensures the application can work for any business, whether it’s a flower shop sending a text message about a Mother’s Day promotion, or a school district announcing virtual class changes to parents and students. Campaign Manager benefits both communications companies and their customers. We are thrilled to add another feather in our cap when it comes to expanding the global reach for CPaaS.”

Campaign Manager is available now through Telestax Partners. To become a Telestax partner, email

About Telestax

Telestax is the leading CPaaS enabler for communications service providers and creator of the award-winning Restcomm API platform. Originating in the largest industry open source community, managed by Telestax, Restcomm has been tested by over 10,000 telecom developers and contains over 6 million lines of code. As a trusted partner in real-time communications, Telestax delivers Restcomm Cloud to innovative companies around the world. When service providers join with Telestax, their customers gain the advantage of a superior network and full CPaaS capabilities such as programmable SMS and voice. With bring your own carrier options, white labeling, and a complete suite of voice and messaging APIs, service providers benefit from new revenue streams and a competitive edge in the evolving digital transformation marketplace. Restcomm Cloud removes the friction in application development and business workflow integration with user-friendly tools like the Visual Designer. The Telestax RESTful API gives experienced developers control to create robust omnichannel applications alongside technologies such as advanced IVR and intelligent chatbots. Learn more about Telestax, Restcomm Cloud, and CPaaS enablement at today.

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