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Telestax Unveils Number Masking Turnkey Application for Quick, Low-Code Deployment with Advanced Features Including Full SMS Support

Austin, TX – October 6, 2020/PR Newswire/ — Today, Telestax, the leading provider of CPaaS enablement to communications companies releases Number Masking, a turnkey application with Advanced Features. Extended session management, increased customizability, and added SMS support allows network operators, carriers, and communications companies to deliver secure phone number masking with better pricing and higher delivery rates than other providers.

Phone number masking is used around the world to help users maintain privacy when interacting with businesses, such as call center agents working from home due to COVID-19, a ride-sharing application to communicate with a driver, telehealth providers, a contactless delivery company, and many other solutions.

“Not only did we want to offer Number Masking, we wanted our Number Masking to be competitive in the market,” said Amit Bhayani, Telestax VP of Application Development. “With advanced features, our application is now a cut above the rest. Most masking apps on the market do not deliver full SMS masking and permanent masked number options. Telestax has also engineered concurrent session support to help enterprise businesses actually purchase fewer numbers and become more efficient with their usage. Through the Telestax CPaaS platform and easy-to-use turnkey applications, we can ensure the continued delivery of innovation and value to our business clients.”

With Number Masking Advanced Features, Telestax communications partners can now benefit from enhanced session management capabilities that allow organizations to define when a masked number expires, issue a permanent masked number, and even block numbers. Content screening, accessible usage records, and SMS support, combined with the flexibility of concurrent numbers and geography-specific number matching deliver expanded control to ensure a better user experience.

“Number Masking demand continues to rise partially due to the work from home focus but also as more applications emerge that require phone number and SMS privacy,” said Hisanori Tanaka, LignApps Chief Technology Officer. “We appreciate the superior functionality of the Telestax Number Masking product. The SMS support alone is significant but when we add the value of permanent masked numbers it really upgrades the entire customer conversation. Thanks to the Telestax CPaaS architecture, the application will be easy to deploy and easy to get customers started.”

As part of the Telestax service provider ecosystem, communications providers can immediately capitalize on the bring your own carrier (BYOC) feature as well as whitelabel options to ensure the highest deliverability and a seamless brand experience. Telestax is also the first in the industry to offer robust support and partner tools such as a CPaaS Sales Certification Training program, and the Telestax CPaaS Playbook to help organizations grow their business with focused sales enablement strategies.

In addition to a number of turnkey CPaaS applications, the Telestax Restcomm platform includes a visual designer, which allows communications providers to empower businesses to create custom-designed call flows and IVR decision trees through a graphical web-based interface, without requiring coding.

Number Masking plus all of the Advanced Features is available now through Telestax Partners. To try out Telestax Number Masking today visit the Telestax Restcomm portal and sign up for a user account.

About Telestax

Telestax is the leading CPaaS enabler for the communications industry and creator of the award-winning Restcomm API platform. Originating in the largest industry open source community, managed by Telestax, Restcomm has been tested by over 10,000 telecom developers and contains over 6 million lines of code. As a trusted partner in real-time communications, Telestax delivers Restcomm Cloud to innovative companies around the world. When service providers join with Telestax, their customers gain the advantage of a superior network and full CPaaS capabilities such as programmable SMS and voice. With bring your own carrier options, white labeling, and a complete suite of voice and messaging APIs, service providers benefit from new revenue streams and a competitive edge in the evolving digital transformation marketplace. Restcomm Cloud removes the friction in application development and business workflow integration with user-friendly tools like the Visual Designer. The Telestax RESTful API gives experienced developers control to create robust omnichannel applications alongside technologies such as advanced IVR and intelligent chatbots. Learn more about Telestax, Restcomm Cloud, and CPaaS enablement at today.

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