The following sections lists RestcommONE high level product features availability.

General Availability (GA)

GA features are fully productized and subject to Telestax’ standard SLA support and uptime terms. Detailed documentation of all GA features is available here.

  • Restcomm Connect REST APIs: Voice, SMS, USSD
  • SIP Servlets / SIP – IMS – LTE – WebRTC Application Server
  • Media Server: Voice – PSTN, GSM, LTE & WebRTC
  • Converged Load Balancer: SIP, HTTP, WebRTC, SS7, SMPP, MGCP
  • JAIN SLEE Service Delivery Platform
  • SMS Gateway (SMSC)
  • USSD Gateway
  • Geo Location Server (GMLC)
  • jSS7 protocol stack


Beta features are in active development and near GA. Beta features are available to customers upon request for development and testing. However Beta features are not subject to Telestax’ standard SLA support and uptime terms. Customers are not advised to implemented in end user products although they can do that at their own risk.

  • Web WebRTC SDKs : Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  • Mobile SDKs: Android


Preview features are only available by invitation only to a small set of customers and partners who are working closely with Telestax to productize and bring to market. Preview features are not subject to Telestax’ standard SLA support and uptime terms.

  • Mobile SDKs:
    • iOS
    • Push Notifications for branded app calls and messages
  • WebRTC Video Conferencing
  • XMPP Message Exchange Service
  • Unified Communications (UC/UCaaS) SMS Enablement
    • Broadsoft UC1
  • A2P Business Chat Services
    • Apple Business Chat
    • RCS / Android Business Messaging
    • WhatsApp Business Chat
    • Facebook Messenger A2P
    • Line A2P
    • WeChat A2P
  • Intelligent Voice UI:
    • Speech To Text – Automatic Speech Recognition
    • Amazon Echo / Alexa
    • Apple HomePod / Siri
    • IBM Watson
    • Google Home
    • Microsoft Cortana