RestcommONE is a fast, scalable and modular software platform for creating telephony and communications applications and services. Everything from simple voicemail systems to a complete Communications Service as a Platform (CPaaS) can be built and deployed quickly and easily. Each module provides critical functions necessary to deliver a fault-tolerant, scalable and high-performance end-to-end solution.

RestcommONE Connect enables web developers to build apps and services with WebRTC technologies to take advantage of the RestcommONE Telcom Core modules. Included tools like RestcommONE Visual Designer free developers from the burden of learning telecom standards or protocols to build world-class apps and services. A comprehensive set of application programming interfaces (APIs), documentation, code and application samples and tutorials are provided for all functionality in the RestcommONE Platform.

RestcommONE Connect modules offer:

  • A comprehensive set of REST APIs for accessing RestcommONE Telecom Core and Connect functions
  • WebRTC software development kits (SDKs) for web, IOS and Android application
  • Visual design and web collaboration tools that simplify prototyping and development of Real Time Communications applications

RestcommONE Telecom modules offer:

  • Complete media processing infrastructure in softwareto enable voice and video services like:
    • peer to peer (P2P) and PSTN calling with SIP and WebRTC client support
    • conference bridges with moderator tools
    • a flexible and easy to use interactive voice response (IVR) system
  • High performance messaging servers for SMS, USSD, and IP-based chat services to enable rich individual,group and broadcast messaging services
  • Unique GMLC functionality to enable location basedservices (LBS) like delivery vehicle fleet tracking,warehouse inventory tracking, and mobile advertising
  • Best in class extensibility and integration supportfor telecom application development with both SIPServlets and JAIN-SLEE
  • Sophisticated jDiameter server with support for highvolume online charging system (OSC) for billing andreporting solutions
  • Highly Interoperable jSS7 protocol stack for peeringwith multiple connection support to mobile networkproviders worldwide

Getting Started With The RestcommONE Platform

There are multiple ways to get started with the RestcommONE Platform: RestcommONE Visual Designer (RVD) a drag and drop tool for creating workflow-based applications step by step. Developers can customize these apps with text to speech (TTS) actions for navigating a voicemail system or interactive voice response (IVR). Apps can even offer speech recognition and text transcription services for sophisticated chat-bots or IVR applications.

RestcommONE API allows querying internal metadata as well as external systems and applications about your account, phone numbers, calls, text messages, and recordings. You can also create communications controls to initiate outbound calls and send emails and SMSs.

RestcommONE Markup Language (RCML) is a set of instructions that allows defining actions to RestcommONE when you receive an incoming call or SMS. These RCML modules can be saved locally and reused in different applications allowing the construction and deployment of ever more increasingly sophisticated apps and services.

RestcommONE Web, iOS and Android SDKs enable you to embed telecom features into your web, iOS and Android native applications. Sample code and applications are provided in the SDK to get you started without months of learning by trial and error.

RestcommONE Administration Interface (RAL) enables you to interact with your account, purchase phone numbers, configure your RestcommONE Clients, check your logs and much more.

RestcommONE Tutorials help you create sample applications that cover common use cases in a variety of languages using the RestcommONE API, RCML or Visual Designer. Download, test, and tweak for yourself. Configuration Tools will help you set up RestcommONE Connect on your own server or development environment to build powerful apps locally.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multi-tenant Support enables web developers to build apps and services for multiple brands or customers from a single account (with nested sub-account support) or deployment.
  • Carrier-grade scalability and reliability with load balancing and clustering support for automated failover delivers an unparalleled user experience for both web and mobile subscribers. Unlike other more limited solutions, all RestcommONE services are load-balanced, providing true redundancy at carrier scale so your business never outgrows our solution.
  • On premise and cloud deployment options to suit business or technical objectives. Get started quickly with the hosted service with the ability later on to host on your own datacenter or hardware.
  • Flexible Operations and Monitoring support via API or easy to use web interface, complete CDR, logging and auditing reporting capabilities are provided Open Source software origins means the code is well-documented and tested, allowing your staff the opportunity to learn, optimize and customize the RestcommONE Connect components free from vendor lock-in.
  • License subscription model provides indemnification and full support, along with your ability to provide priority input to our product development roadmap