Core Components


RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE is the first and only open source platform certified for JAIN SLEE 1.1 compliance. It provides a highly scalable, event-driven application server with a robust component model. RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE is also fault tolerant.

JAIN-SLEE is a specification for a Java Service Logic and Execution Environment (SLEE) architecture, created in the Java Community Process (JCP). A SLEE is an application server, or service container that defines a component model for structuring the logic of communications services as a collection of reusable components. These components can be combined into even more sophisticated services. This model was designed and optimized for event-driven applications.

RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE is protocol-agnostic. It includes Resource Adaptors (RA) to connect the Application Server (AS) to protocols and services like SIP, SS7, XMPP, and SMPP. As new protocols or services become important to your application, the RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE can be extended easily to support them through the RA model.

In addition to the service component model, the SLEE also defines management interfaces used to administer the container and the service components executing within. A set of standard facilities are provided for common features, such as timers, traces and alarms for the SLEE components.

RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE is built on top of the award-winning open source JBoss Application Server. It supports Java Enterprise 5 and above container features. RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE is designed to enable strong convergence of different application models for even richer communication services development.

In addition, RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE inherits high quality management features and tools from JBoss Application Server, such as the JMX Console, Jopr Plugins and SNMP Adaptor.

RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE is both highly scalable and fault tolerant. It supports load balancing and clustering using the RestcommONE Load Balancer. This makes it easy to manage and monitor; and failover occurs automatically. In the case of a node failure or overload condition, your services and users remain unaffected.

RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE, in conjunction with the rest of the RestcommONE Core and Connect servers, enables a new generation of telecom-enabled applications and services built on a rich API and consumed by applications using web, IOS and Android native clients.

Key Features an Benefits

  • Only open source JAIN-SLEE 1.1 compliant implementation enabling you to develop and deploy telco-grade applications and services using Java.
  • High performance core built on Redhat JBoss provides predictable and stable performance, along with great operations tool support including MX Console, Jopr Plugins and SNMP Adaptor.
  • High resiliency and availability through fault-tolerance at both the JSLEE and event level from the Resource Adaptors (RA) and from the protocol layer using the RestcommONE Load Balancer.
  • Resource Adaptors for most common protocols and services including SIP, XMPP, SMPP, XCAP, HTTP and JDBC, as well as the ability to create custom resource adaptors Well-established operations and reporting tools including standard facilities and common features, such as timers, traces and alarms, to JAIN SLEE components.
  • On premises and cloud deployment options provide outstanding flexibility for service provider and enterprise applications. Fully self-contained and highly optimized, JAINSLEE supports both network functions virtualization (NFV) and clustered virtual machine (VM) deployments.
  • Flexible operations and monitoring for statistics gathering on the Java virtual machine (JVM), and JBoss server. Several management and monitoring options are available including a scriptable command line interface and a web console for configuration and managemen.
  • Open Source software is well-documented allowing your staff the opportunity to learn, optimize and customize the JAIN-SLEE server to your evolving requirements free from vendor lock-in.