Everything you need to offer your business customers CPaaS-enabled applications and solutions.

Make more possible.

Imagine being a service provider that can deliver the best CPaaS offering in the market—in record time. Now imagine having an ever-growing Marketplace portfolio of revenue-generating apps that are pre-integrated and drive value revenue over and above transport revenue–even if you aren’t a wireless carrier. The RestcommONE Marketplace allows you to do just that.

Today, through the RestcommONE Marketplace, service providers can quickly offer CPaaS-enabled applications, from real-time voice and video to messaging applications, that deliver the services their business customers are demanding. And because service providers become their own CPaaS , you benefit from greatly increased margins and keep all traffic on your own network.

A Rich B2B Community

RestcommONE Marketplace Chart

The RestcommONE Platform. It All Starts Here.

At the heart of the Marketplace is our powerful RestcommONE platform which is fast becoming the platform of choice for developing and delivering enterprise class, real-time messaging, voice and video applications. When launched in the cloud, RestcommONE is on par with all the leading CPaaS platforms and delivers everything you need to deploy rich WebRTC applications from within a single platform.

Add Up The Advantages of The RestcommONE Marketplace.

Ready to offer Real Time Communications services and applications to your customers? With The RestcommONE Marketplace, Telestax delivers everything you need to get the job done.

Favorable Business Model

As partners, service providers profit from a very favorable, value-based revenue share model

In-Demand Features

We include all the latest voice and SMS features so you can compete right out-of-the-box

Best APIs and Resources

Our leading APIs and resources give you the ultimate flexibility to meet your customer needs

Leading Visual Designer

Our drag & drop tools allows easy prototyping and deployment of apps with no programming

Advanced WebRTC

RestcommONE is already future proof and includes advanced WebRTC support

Our Revenue Sharing Model Benefits Everyone.

Unlike other CPaaS offerings, service providers and application vendors are partners in the RestcommONE Marketplace. They both profit from a value-based revenue sharing business model that provides high value to business customers while significantly increasing revenue opportunities for themselves.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve.

Today carriers are facing competition from over the top (OTT) services and  CPaaS vendors who are taking revenue away with SMS services and applications. Now service providers can offer these services and more with the RestcommONE Marketplace quickly and easily at a reasonable price.

“The Marketplace enables service providers to quickly offer their own branded CPaaS, together with high-value Web RTC applications that are tested, proven and certified by Telestax. In a very short time they can deliver the services their business customers want.”

Ivelin Ivanov

Telestax Co-Founder

“We are excited to enhance our preeminent communications solutions with RestcommONE’s industry leading real-time communications technology.”

Ed Fox, VP of Network Services, MetTel

Who We Work With

Companies around the world are using our leading real-time communication solutions and services to address the needs of their customers and increase their revenue.

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