RestcommONE Message Exchange is a federated messaging service designed to SMS enable UC (Unified Communications) platforms and OTT (over the top) business chat platforms. UC and OTT business chat are both closed systems where their benefits are enjoyed exclusively by users that have recognized credentials for these platforms. In both UC and business chat cases, group members are employees or trusted close associates of a given domain or organization. The benefit of these closed groups is secure and private collaboration. The downside is the inability to send message to business constituents outside of the defined group. RestcommONE Message Exchange changes this by integrating SMS with the UC or business chat servers. And it takes only 15 minutes to set up.

Broadsoft Broadworks UC-One

The first release of RestcommONE Message Exchange supports the Broadworks UC-One platform. Once connected, UC-One users are able to send and receive external SMS texts from within the Broadworks platform. Users no longer need to use their personal mobile device when communicating with external business constituents – they can now send SMS texts directly from their UC-One client.

Supported Features

Inbound and outbound SMS to and from Broadworks UC-One client software

Broadcast or group outbound SMS from UC-One client to multiple mobile numbers

UC-One Customer Benefits

  • Confidential business texts stay on the company network
  • Company business contacts are maintained within the organization

UC-One Service Provider Opportunities


  • UC-One SMS customer upgrades
  • Increased network traffic


  • Begin to take advantage of programmable APIs offered by RestcommONE’s full stack CPaaS platform

How it works



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