Today’s Over The Top (OTT) business chat and messaging market is highly competitive and also very fragmented. A great deal of choice exists but it seems no matter what selection is made, it will always be a limited one. A similar challenge exists in the UC (Unified Communications) market. Both business chat and UC platforms are closed systems. Apple business chat is good for iPhone users, RCS is good for Android users, Skype for Business is better as are UC platforms but they are closed to individuals outside of an organization. There is no standard— rather; there are many standards to choose from. Each of these platforms offers a secure way to collaborate. But In all of these cases, sending a message to an individual outside of the platform’s circle requires good old SMS.

Two business problems fall out of these closed collaboration messaging and chat products. When a member of a group needs to communicate with a business constituent outside of the group, he will typically send a SMS text from his personal mobile device. This risky process causes 2 concerns. 1) Confidential business conversations are taking place off of the company network. 2) Company owned business contacts are maintained outside of the organization. If the employee leaves the company, the contacts and conversations go with him. Both of these activities can result in a possible exposure for the company.

RestcommONE Message Exchange

Fortunately, there exists a solution to the multiple closed business chat and messaging platforms and it does not require an organization to rip and replace its current choice. RestcommONE Message Exchange is a federated messaging service designed to SMS enable UC platforms and OTT business chat platforms. Within the platforms Message Exchange support, users do nothing out of the ordinary. When a message is sent to an individual outside their closed platform, it is turned into standard a SMS.

Broadsoft Broadworks UC-One

The first release of RestcommONE Message Exchange supports the Broadworks UC-One platform. Once connected, UC-One users are able to send and receive external SMS texts from within the Broadworks platform. No modification or update to the Broadsoft server or clients is required and the built in features of the Broadsoft server is used to “connect” to RestcommONE Message Exchange.

Users no longer need to use their personal mobile device when communicating with external business constituents – they can now send SMS texts directly from their UC-One client. There is also a simple API to create the maps of usernames and phone numbers used to send and receive SMSs.

Message Exchange is both quick and easy to set up. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes. Only six steps are required for the first user in a given Broadsoft domain:

  1. Access to Broadsoft UC server available to receive a SMS text
  2. Have a valid SSL in place
  3. Have a RestcommONE account in place
  4. Point the SMS URL to RestcommONE
  5. Obtain the user’s XMPP address
  6. Add a new RestcommONE contact in their UC-One client

Once this process is followed for the first user, all remaining users in the same Broadworks domain simply add a new RestcommONE contact in their UC-One client.

Inbound and outbound SMS to and from Broadworks UC-One client software

Broadcast or group outbound SMS from UC-One client to multiple mobile numbers

UC-One Customer Benefits

  • Confidential business texts stay on the company network
  • Company business contacts are maintained within the organization

UC-One Service Provider Opportunities


  • UC-One SMS customer upgrades
  • Increased network traffic


  • Begin to take advantage of programmable APIs offered by RestcommONE’s full stack CPaaS platform

How it works



Broadsoft Broadworks UC-One is the first of many UC and OTT business chat platforms Message Exchange will support. Our next platform is due to release in weeks. To find out more about Message Exchange, our platform plans or to start sending SMS texts from your UC-One platform in only 15 minutes, click here.