Telestax subscription includes support for each licensed RestcommONE product instance. Support is delivered via the Telestax web support portal and phone.

The following Service Level Agreement terms apply to support:

Standard Premium Customized Support
Hours of coverage Regular business hours 24×7 for Severity 1  Contact Us 
Support channel Web Web and phone
Number of cases Unlimited Unlimited
Response times Initial and ongoing response Initial response Ongoing response
Priority 1 (Urgent) 1 calendar day 2 hours 2 hours or as agreed
Priority 2 (High) 1 business day 4 hours 4 hours or as agreed
Priority 3 (Normal) 2 business days 1 calendar day 1 calendar day or as agreed


* In order to provide you with 24×7 coverage, Telestax requests that you identify a dedicated point of contact who will be available until the issue is resolved.

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