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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how end-point devices are managed, monitored and measured. Adding context to data from multiple connected end-points gives businesses the ability to respond in real-time in the most relevant manner. RestcommONE enables all the real-time communications capabilities you need for Internet of Things applications including messaging, voice, video, chat and presence.

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RestcommONE enables communication with autonomously powered devices with minimal wireless signal gathering data points from remote equipment and in products that require real-time location tracking.

RestcommONE enables calls between low-tech 2G wireless devices, 3G, LTE and VoIP WebRTC end points. RestcommONE supports legacy g711, GSM and g729 codecs with SIP and SS7 signaling, as well as the latest WebRTC video and audio codecs with SIP and WebSockets signaling.

RestcommONE utilizes client side and server side location detection algorithms to provide the most accurate location possible for each device at any given time. From on-device GPS to nearby wireless beacons and cellular network triangulation, RestcommONE integrates deeply into device and network location elements to enable modern location-based services.

RestcommONE supports low energy, low bandwidth M2M data messaging over GPRS. RestcommONE also supports device to human SMS alerts and USSD push messages.

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