RestcommONE SMS Enablement

The fast, proven way to develop real-time cloud communications applications.

Changing The Way Real-Time Communications Are Delivered.

Today service providers can offer their business customers more revenue-generating solutions by enabling SMS capability. With Telestax’s RestcommONE platform, SMS-enabled voice lines allow the service provider and their business customers to leverage the most desired way to communicate – and to profit from it. And the possibilities are endless. From SMS-enabled 800 numbers to integrating Chatbots, get the job done with RestcommONE.

SMS Enablement Whitepaper

Adding Revenue with RestcommONE.

RestcommONE has all the features you need to develop revenue-generating SMS-enabled applications in no time. Our platform is scalable, highly available and supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployment configurations.

A2P — A New and Very Lucrative Frontier

Technology, service providers and businesses have discovered A2P to be an excellent and immediate way to personally connect with their customers on a number of topics. With RestcommONE, you can create SMS-based appointment reminders, loyalty rewards, win-back, mobile exclusive deals and conversion by keyword.

SMS in the Call Center

Because it is possible to SMS enable the PSTN, any 800 phone number can now be used for texting. An example where this capability would be high value is the area of customer service and support. Most customers dread calling an 800 number for issue resolution. Instead, texting has become the desired method of communication. By SMS enabling the 800 number, customers avoid working through an IVR to get to where they need to be for quick resolution.

BYO Mobile Device

With texting becoming the desired method for B2B and B2C communications, professionals are keeping their business contacts on their personal mobile device. Organizations have become concerned with these communications because they are happening outside of the company network. When a professional leaves a company, with them goes all of their business contacts and conversations. RestcommONE offers the ability to add a business number to an employee’s mobile device, making it possible to separate work from private life. Professionals can now use their business client for all business calls and text.

Integrating Chatbots

Chatbots bring messaging to a whole new level by creating the ability to carry on a conversation on a specific topic via a SMS messages. When tied to toll free numbers using RestcommONE, a Chatbot can guide a conversation with a customer to uncover the problem at the very specific level they are experiencing. Once uncovered, the bot can either solve the customer’s problem or transfer the caller to a specialist for quick resolution.

Even More Functionality.

RestcommONE also includes all the other common features you might need including speech to text, ASR, call routing, LCM, Unicode, SMS short codes, SMSC, group messaging, broadcast messaging and much more.

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